Q:  How do I check my hard drive is still in warranty?

A:  On our home page insert your serial numbers and click check serial number.

Q:  How do I make a claim for my warranty?

A:  Once you have check your warranty status click on the re seller and you will fill out the contact form and wait for         your RMA form to be sent to you.

Q:  I bought a hard drive but it wont work?

A:  For Technical support CLICK HERE

Q:  I can not get in contact with the re seller?

A:  If your re seller is not replying please contact us, we will contact them on your behalf.

Q:  How long will my Warranty take to claim?

A:  Once you have filled out your RMA form and returned your hard drive your replacement will be sent out by                  registered post within 2 working days. If for any reason the re seller can not they will contact you.

Q:  How do I set my hard drive up?

A:  For instructions on how to set up hard drive CLICK HERE

Q:  My serial numbers are invalid?

A:  First please double check you entered the correct numbers into our system. If your serial numbers are still                    invalid this is because it was not sold by our re sellers. We advise you contact place of purchase or                                    manufacture.

Q:  What does OEM mean?

A:  An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company that produces parts and equipment that may be                  marketed by another manufacturer or value added re seller. For example, if Seagate. makes hard drives that are          used on IBM computers, Seagate is the OEM manufacturer for IBM.