How to set up your new hard drive

If you have installed your hard drive but your computer is not showing the drive installed. You properly need to initialize and format the hard drive. If you are still having problems with your hard drive after doing this procedure please contact your seller and claim your replacement hard drive. here we will provide simple instructions on how to do it. This will work on windows 10, 8 and windows 7 is very similar.

Step 1

Please make sure the hard drive cables are connected properly. (Power Cable, Sata Cable)
Next go to FILE EXPLORER and click and open.

Step 2

Go to THIS PC and click open

Step 3

Once you have opened THIS PC you will see all the drives, You will not be able to see your new drive here until its set up. Next click and open MANAGE.

Step 4

Go to DISK MANAGEMENT click and open. It can sometimes take few seconds to open depending on the speed of your device.

Step 5

Once you have opened DISK MANAGEMENT. You will see the hard drive you have installed. The drive will say unallocated. Next we must allocate the drive. To do this click the right mouse button on UNALLOCATED then click and open NEW SIMPLE VOLUME.

Step 6

The NEW SIMPLE VOLUME wizard will open. Click next and you will go to the next part of the wizard. Keep clicking next until you get to finish. Now you hard drive will format and be ready for use.

step 7

Check your hard drive is set up correct. In the DISK MANAGEMENT the hard drive will say healthy (Primary Partition)

Step 8

Your hard drive is set up and ready to use go to FILE EXPLORER then click THIS PC. Now you will see your new hard drive set up. If your hard drive is still not working redo the process to make sure you did it correct. Still not working? Try using some hard drive software to check the health status of the drive. For software CLICK HERE. After that if you still have no success contact the re seller and get a RMA form to return your drive.