Warranty Guildlines

Warranty check list
The information provided in this document applies to any drives sold by us or any of our re-sellers.

Warranty that we will replace are.
Products returned in the proper packaging. Information how to pack a hard drive properly CLICK HERE
Hard drives with bad sectors, clicking sounds or no power
Bent SATA pins
Cracked or broken portion of SATA connector
Broken Component
Scratches (light scratches from normal mounting
Light scratches that cannot be felt with finger
Markings on the Top Cover Label not affecting the Serial Number/ Model / Part Number
Multiple light scratches

Warranty that we will not replace are.
No ESD bag or Seashell, wrong packaging box
Too many drives and without drive protection
Unopened retail Boxes
Hard drives that are not in our warranty database and wasn’t sold by us or our resellers. If your serial number aint showing in our database. Please email us Warranty@hddwarranty.com
Tampered / Counterfeit drive
Duplicated serial numbers
The printing has disintegrated
Label with wrong information
Mismatch Top Cover SN vs Baseplate SN
Missing Top Cover Label
Missing PCBA Label
Burnt Pins
Missing Pins
Burnt component proximity to power connector
Missing PCBA Components
Severely Burned PCBA
PCBA with Broken Connector
Screw Thread Worn Out
Missing Top Cover Screws
Water Damage